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The purpose of this website/blog is for my entertainment: writing about the musical style I enjoy the most i.e. Metal
and sharing that with kindred spirits.
It a.o. includes my personal opinion about albums in reviews and it contains interviews with artists/bands in which the music is placed centrally. 
Non-profit: this is not a business, I do not sell any products or services, I do not gain money out of advertisements.

  1. Please do not use this website in case you would disagree with any of these terms of website use.
  2. The terms of website use can be updated without notification, so please review regularly.
  3. If you are visiting this page, then please do so for the love of metal and enjoy the content.
  4. There is no need to register, there is not even a registration page.
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  8. You can contact The Throne of Absence by sending an email to t h r o n e o f a b s e n c e [ a t ] y a h o o [ d o t ] c o m 
  9. The Throne of Absence is not responsible for statements of interviewees, those statements represent the interviewees’ personal opinions.
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