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OUIJA – Fathomless Hysteros

Spanish Black Metal band OUIJA released the full-length album Fathomless Hysteros (featuring cover art by JUANJO CASTELLANO, mastered by DEVO ANDERSSON) via NEGRA NIT DISTRO, TRIBULACION PRODS, AZERMEDOTH RECORDS, IMPALED RECORDS & WIND OF MAYHEM on December 26th 2022.

HAEMORRHAGE – Interview with Luisma

In 1990 Luisma and Jose joined with the sick idea of making a GRIND GORE band, following the path of the underground gods of those days. The early days were really hard, with lots of line-up problems, without a real rehearsal place, etc.. .So the band had to carry on as a project-band with onlyContinue reading “HAEMORRHAGE – Interview with Luisma”