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DINBETHES – Interview with J.

The Metal community has a strong feeling of ‘we’re in this together’, it’s a close-knit scene that supports itself mostly. J. (DINBETHES) DINBETHES You already are in both SHAGOR (bass) and WEERZIN (drums), why did you decide to start yet another project? To be able to play the guitars too? Do you consider this aContinue reading “DINBETHES – Interview with J.”


Celebrate life, worship death. HAIL HELLEVAERDER! ROOTS HELLEVAERDER hails from Heerhugowaard in North Holland and was founded in 2017. Who ignited the fire of HELLEVAERDER and what was the main driver for the birth of this band? During my education period I had all my classes with Dennis Onsia from the NLBM band DYSTOPIA. WeContinue reading “HELLEVAERDER – Interview”

CULT BURIAL – Interview with Simon

NOMEN EST OMEN CULT BURIAL: what’s in a name? Could you tell us more about what the band name signifies? Literally nothing. There’s nothing behind it and there’s no meaning at all. It just seemed to fit the music I had written and just seemed to work. LINE-UP Consisting of only 3 members, does CULTContinue reading “CULT BURIAL – Interview with Simon”

GRIMVILLE – Interview

GRIMVILLE Guitarist Kurt founded GRIMVILLE in 2013. I believe that the band was in the freezer for a while. It went through a process of line-up changes. Finally, GRIMVILLE seems to have found its true identity, and the band started a new chapter in this form. Guitarist Kurt & vocalist Steven are the only remainingContinue reading “GRIMVILLE – Interview”

FIAT NOX – Interview with Desmotes

NECROGRAPHY  Light the Torches..! Let there be Night..! Before FIAT NOX there was ASZENDENT. What was it that killed and buried ASZENDENT? Which spark triggered a new musical/lyrical vision and the formation of FIAT NOX? Which members do ASZENDENT (RIP) and FIAT NOX have in common? How did the four of you get together? “The only member both bands share, is me. ASZENDENT wasContinue reading “FIAT NOX – Interview with Desmotes”

ARDE – Interview

ARDE What is the meaning of the band name? Is it Romanian for ‘burn’? Or is it more related to the German Erde? How did you get to this name? Is it signifying the respect you have for earth & nature? Or? When translated literally, ARDE means BURN. It is a Latin word that means theContinue reading “ARDE – Interview”

SCHAVOT – Interview with Floris

SCHAVOT You are active in ASGRAUW, MESLAMTAEA, and SAGENLAND. Why did you feel the urge to start another project? What separates SCHAVOT from the other bands? Why solo? Which project is your priority? When I started MESLAMTAEA in 1998, there were no other Black Metal musicians for miles around. The only choice was to go solo. SometimeContinue reading “SCHAVOT – Interview with Floris”

OSSAERT – Interview with P.

Abandon all hope ye who enter here… OSSAERT is a pitch Black Metal project originating from the Dutch lowlands whose 2020 debut ‘Bedehuis’ was received well. Now that ARGENTO RECORDS is about to release OSSAERT‘s second offering ‘Pelgrimsoord’, DEAD MILL MEDIA kindly offered and facilitated getting some more background by P, the mind behind OSSAERT.Continue reading “OSSAERT – Interview with P.”

THY INFERNAL – Interview

THY INFERNAL formed in the winter of 1996 in Portland. Soon after that, they recorded their demo, and got signed immediately to MORIBUND RECORDS. They now have two labels… MORIBUND and NAPALM. NAPALM takes care of Europe. THY INFERNAL has two albums till present: Satan’s Wrath, and Warlords of Hell. They have also appeared onContinue reading “THY INFERNAL – Interview”


INCANTATION – Blasphemous Death Metal. It was already a long time ago since INCANTATION played live in Hellgium, but now they assaulted the stage of the mighty FRONTLINE, part II. The World Assault Tour 2002 is promoting the new album Blasphemy, which is another milestone in the history of Death Metal. Their original style –Continue reading “INCANTATION – Interview”