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TEMPTATIONS FOR THE WEAK – Fallen from the Stars

Belgian Melodic Death/Groove Metal/Metal Core band TEMPTATIONS FOR THE WEAK launch music video for single In Between off the full-length album Fallen from the Stars which was released via NECKTWISTER on November 4th 2022.

AXAMENTA – Interview with Tim & Fré

Fantasy Metal AXAMENTA‘s Necrography: 1993 AXAMENTA was formed in Zwijndrecht, near Antwerp (Belgium). From the original line-up now only drummer Frederik remains. In the following years 2 demos are recorded with 2 different line-ups; Echoes (1995) and Into a Dream (1997). 1998: AXAMENTA‘s current line-up takes form. The band evolves to its current style they themselves start calling FantasyContinue reading “AXAMENTA – Interview with Tim & Fré”

MORTIFER – Interview with Jonathan

Horror rules! Morituri te salutant! In 1996 Jonathan decided to create the band MORTIFER. Other members of the band were searched. In 1996 guitarist Jonathan decided to found the band MORTIFER. Other members of the band were searched.MORTIFER has grown as the drummer Matthias joined. In October 1998, they did their first gig (AT THEContinue reading “MORTIFER – Interview with Jonathan”