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ETERNAL AUTUMN – The Werewolf Diaries (Self-Released – 2019)

4 tracks – Duration: 20 min. This band goes way back in time. In a distant past, I reviewed ETERNAL AUTUMN’s ‘The Storm’ (1998). That album contained the killer track ‘Autumn Opus No 1’, which really blew me away back then – and it still does to this date.  The fifth printed edition of ‘The ThroneContinue reading “ETERNAL AUTUMN – The Werewolf Diaries (Self-Released – 2019)”

BEAST OF REVELATION – The Ancient Ritual of Death (Iron Bonehead Productions – 2020)

9 tracks – Duration: 43 min. The death bell tolls. Thick thumping strings of doom keep reverbing. The seven-headed beast of revelation -as depicted on the logo by Italian artist Roberto Toderico and the dark cover art by Manuel Tinnemans (Comaworx)- took possession over INCANTATION’s frontman John McEntee. Like a demonic oracle, he utters theContinue reading “BEAST OF REVELATION – The Ancient Ritual of Death (Iron Bonehead Productions – 2020)”

GRACELESS – Where Vultures Know Your Name (Raw Skull Recordz – 27 March 2020)

8 tracks – Duration: 45 min. 37 sec. This Dutch Death Metal band first got introduced to me during their show with ENTRAILS and REJECT THE SICKNESS at Muziekcafé Elpee Deinze, Belgium. I always had a weak spot for Dutch Death Metal, so their no-nonsense and raw sound convinced me in no time. Even thoughContinue reading “GRACELESS – Where Vultures Know Your Name (Raw Skull Recordz – 27 March 2020)”

SCHIZOPHRENIA – Voices (Self-Released – 2020)

5 tracks – Duration: 20 min. Yes, this is it! From the first seconds, you realize that SCHIZOPHRENIA from Antwerp/Belgium is passionate, old school Death/Thrash Metal, the way it was meant to be. You sense the hunger of these four musicians like you can feel it with retro acts such as CARNATION and EVIL INVADERS.Continue reading “SCHIZOPHRENIA – Voices (Self-Released – 2020)”

AETERNAM – Al Qassam (Self-Released – 27 March 2020)

9 tracks – Duration: 44 min. 49 sec. Early 2020, together with some 30ish other survivors, I had the absolute privilege to get to listen to the premiere of ‘Al Qassam’ in Viking Crown Lounge of the Independence of the Seas during 70,000 Tons of Metal. Goosebumps! The audience just loved it at first sightContinue reading “AETERNAM – Al Qassam (Self-Released – 27 March 2020)”