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FIAT NOX – Interview with Desmotes


Light the Torches..! Let there be Night..!

Before FIAT NOX there was ASZENDENT. What was it that killed and buried ASZENDENT? Which spark triggered a new musical/lyrical vision and the formation of FIAT NOX? Which members do ASZENDENT (RIP) and FIAT NOX have in common? How did the four of you get together?

“The only member both bands share, is me. ASZENDENT was more of a project than a real band. The line-up consisted of P. (Vocals), Mithras (Bass & Keys) and me (guitars). We wrote a few songs together but only managed to record two of them with the help of an amazing session drummer, namely Giacomo Torti (he was already a beast back then, I wonder what he’s doing now…). This resulted in the STURMBOTEN demo, which was only released digitally (until we put those songs on the LIGHT THE TORCHES demo). Unfortunately, there never was a solid line-up, since we couldn’t recruit a drummer for live shows, hence we were practising with a drum machine and never had the opportunity to play a concert.

“I think the moment ASZENDENT died was when I decided to move to another city. The other two members had already lost most of their motivation to continue and were focusing on other projects. However, during the time we were playing together, I already wrote most of the THE ARCHIVE OF NIGHTMARES album and desperately wanted to continue as a musician. In the beginning, I was just looking for a drummer, which would be willing to record the drums for me. It took a while and a lot of different meetings until I met Erebos. We just clicked the first time we met. He understood the style and although he was not that familiar with the music at the time, his input was incredible and a lot of  the great nuances, which bring the drums to life, are due to him. Since we needed to practice the songs together for him to learn them by heart, I asked two good friends, if they would be interested in supporting us, so we could already practice for playing concerts. Lógos took over the other guitar and Thousand Eyes played the bass. After a while, everyone contributed some parts to the music I really appreciated and finally they asked to record their parts themselves. I guess, this was the moment which turned us into a real band. We spontaneously recorded the demo in our rehearsal room and started to play some concerts here and there, while simultaneously recording our debut album and the DEMANIFESTATION EP.”



What is FIAT NOX‘s driving force for existence? Aside from its translation from Latin Let there be night, is there a deeper meaning of the band name FIAT NOX and its slogan Light the Torches..! Let there be night..!?

Black Metal has existed for decades and has evolved in so many, interesting ways. Our approach is to combine everything that makes this genre so unique and fuse it into a coherent piece of transgressing art.

Night itself has a lot of meaning to me. Night means silence, rest, focus and creativity. There’s no distraction, no consumption. To me, the slogans basically means: Let all that is unimportant be obscured and conjure your own fire in the darkness.


What attracts you to Black Metal, the night, the dark side, negativity?

“I think it’s just the effect it has on me, listening to it. For some reason it’s either absolutely calming, like a storm, which is raging around you, almost cathartic. On the other hand, it’s completely energizing and breathes life into me. It’s not the need for negativity but an appropriate soundtrack for all my impressions.”


Can you tell us something more about the previous releases (‘Light The Torches’ demo -incl. 2 songs recorded for ASZENDENT ‘Sturmboten’ demo- through WORSHIP TAPES, full-length The Archives of NightmaresIn Contemptuous Defiance EP)? How was the response?

Considering that we haven’t really left the rehearsal room for the last two years and reviews won’t necessary represent the reality, I honestly don’t know. Our labels obviously like our releases and our close friends do, too. We still like our music and I think this is one of the most important aspects.


What are your ambitions and expectations for this EP? How would you describe the album to someone unfamiliar with your music? Now that the result is there, something you regret or would do differently?

DEMANIFESTATION is basically a conceptional EP, which evolves with its playing time. It starts in a more subtle and melodic way but evolves into a raging chaos the more you listen to it until it culminates in total madness. Think of a mix of the playfulness of bands like Dissection and Sacramentum and the dissonant chaos of Deathspell Omega and Svartidauði.

“Regarding the final result… I realize, I belong to the kind of people, which is never completely satisfied with what he produces. I still love the songs, but I always feel the urge to change something and I’m just not pleased with the sound of the drums and the vocals.”


How is the Black Metal (underground) scene in Bremen and Germany? Which other acts should we check out? Is there a strong connection between the bands? Do you feel part of a scene, or do you consider FIAT NOX a separate force?

“Very incestuous. For a long time, Bremen had a very small scene with just a few people, which played in a lot of different bands. Since it’s missing concert locations and pubs that play this music, it feels like the scene is nearly dead.

Each of us has a strong, antisocial side. We are definitely not the connecting kind, most of the time, but still, those around us are definitely people we can trust. We got a lot of support from other bands, labels or people and there are a few bands, we are very close to.

You should check out:

Zwielicht – With Love From Sinister

Sargeras – Return Of The Dancing Whores

Laere – Solve

Hallig – A Distant Reflection Of The Void

Cult Of Extinction – Ritual in the Absolute Absence of Light

(and even though they are split-up) Carapax – Murder & Arson”


Where does FIAT NOX get inspiration from to write the music you write?

What I think is that all that you experience shapes you in some way. You can’t break it down into some bands, the desire to play an instrument or some words you read, it’s more like an outlet for processing all that you go through. Hence, everything can be inspiring.


Demanifestation contains some strong structures. How does a song get shaped? Is it still you, Desmotes, who initiates the fundaments at home? How do you get input from the band and work together to come to an end-product?

“Yes, most of it is written at home, where I am able to focus the most. I write the songs until they feel “complete” to me and bring them to the band. Then, everyone adds their ideas. We are on a very similar level so it’s rarely the case that I dismiss an idea. Since it’s important to me that you’re able to stand 100% behind this band, everyone has to be on board with what we produce, it provokes more discussions and heated arguments but it also strengthens the core of the band.”


Three out of four band members take part in the vocals. Was this a conscious decision or something that grew organically? What effect would you like to achieve with this?

I needed at least one additional voice supporting my vocals live and since Thousand Eyes already had a lot of experience with his other bands, it was just self-evident to me that he’ll be the second vocalist. Lógos just practised for himself and suddenly presented his skills, ever since he supports us with the vocals.


Desmotes, you write the lyrics, which seem to deal with H.P. Lovecraft, the dark side of man, the downfall of the world, the night, negativity, nihilism, nightmares, chaos. Who/what serves as your muse? Do you enjoy writing lyrics as much as you create music, or is this more something you do because you have to? How important are the lyrics as part of an album in its totality?

“I really hate writing lyrics. They are really important to me and my demands for myself are pretty high and I rarely match them. I take a lot of Inspiration from Lovecrafts use of language, as with Derleth, King or similar authors but also from bands I appreciate. And sometimes it’s just my head spitting out random ideas, concepts or sentences. But I’d like to mention that I don’t always write all of the lyrics, “The Ophidian Fire” for example, is almost completely written by Thousand Eyes.


Bassist Thousand Eyes mixed Demanifestation. Does he have experience in mixing music other than for FIAT NOX? Patrick W. Engel at TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY mastered the EP. How did you select your partner? How happy are you with the result? What is the role of your label in this?

“Thousand Eyes had mixed some demos before but I think the Archive was his first album. We chose the Temple because he produced a lot of amazing albums, we adore. The master is great and Thousand eyes felt completely understood in his vision of the sound. We took care of it ourselves, at that point we weren’t involved with any label.”


Your live appearance at ODYSSEY TO BLASPHEMY fest seems to have made an impression on the label owner? What do you recall from that performance? Did CRAWLING CHAOS RECORDS approach you soon after that? You went from CRAWLING CHAOS RECORDS to PERSONAL RECORDS and are now back with CRAWLING CHAOS RECORDS. How did that evolve? How does the label support you?

“Holger recalled our concert but he didn’t approach us. It was the other way around during the time when we were looking for a label. We already planned the release of the album and the EP, then a message was sent to us by Personal Records. Jacobo asked us whether we were interested in releasing an album on his label. His deal was very appealing, so we settled for an EP. Both labels were involved in the planning of our releases and were more than relaxed about it. We really appreciate the support from both of them, since they enabled us to release a lot in a short time.”

FIAT NOX Demanifestation (artwork by HELLISH VISIONS)


HELLISH VISIONS took care of the cover art, just like she took care of The Archive of Nightmares. I believe that is a friend of yours? What is the meaning behind the image? Did you give specific instructions to HELLISH VISIONS on what you wanted, did you again just give the lyrics like before, or did you pick an existing work?

Hellish Visions is an amazing artist, we’ve known each other for years but are unfortunately not that close. When we needed the cover art for THE ARCHIVE OF NIGHTMARES, I sent her the lyrics of the song and in addition to that an example picture, I had in mind. The rest was all her doing and the cover turned out absolutely stunning. For the DEMANIFESTATION EP I gave her specific orders because I had this idea in my head for years.


How is it going with other projects of some of the band members? Any upcoming releases? How do you combine all? Why do you feel the need to play in more than one band?

Despite all of them sharing some common ground, those bands still differ a lot from each other. Each one offers a distinct aspect of the music, I enjoy and I take pleasure in playing and singing different genres of music, one band wouldn’t be as fulfilling.

FUNERAL PROCESSION is currently practising for a tour, which is finally due in April 2022. Furthermore the band’s catalogue is re-released on Millennial Visions on LP/MC and we’ll release a new split-album in the near future.

VOREUS is rather inactive at the time but has an upcoming gig in October.

And regarding my little bastard VOMIT DIVISION: I’ve managed to recruit a bunch of amazing musicians, helping me to bring those sleazy songs to the stages! We’re currently practising again as well and I’m writing on a new album, which I hope to record in the second half of 2022. At least one new song will be released within the next months.


Is FIAT NOX a band that prefers to create music and record an album in the studio, or does FIAT NOX prefer to perform live? How different is FIAT NOX on stage from any other Black Metal band? You shared the stage with DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT, URFAUST, HERETIC, GOAT TORMENT, etcWhat memories or anecdotes do you cherish?

“I think that differs for everyone in the band. For me it’s always great to play live but I almost despise rehearsals. I think, I prefer recording although I feel like I’ve never touched a guitar before once I hit that REC-Button.

What makes us different is the lack of bullshit. There are no announces, no one talks between the songs and there’s no real “show”. It’s just the music and us enjoying performing it. Of course, there are other bands doing the same but to me it feels like show is getting more and more important these days, as if people couldn’t just watch and listen to a band anymore but have to get visually distracted to stay. All the stories I could share, should rather stay away from the public.”


I read that some of you are into whiskey. Are you into blends or single-malt? Do you like peated whiskeys? Do you have any favorites? Any unknown recommendations?

Desmotes: “I just fell in love with GlenAllachie.”

Vessel: “Largely single malt scotch. Favourite non-peated ones currently are Tomatin and Glenallachie, peated ones being Ledaig, Kilchoman and Ballechin, as well as Benromach for a nice middleground in peat intensity.”
Thousand Eyes: “Single Malt Scotch, preferrably peated.
Bunnahabhain (Especially the peated edition with an octave cask finish), anything from the Kilchoman distillery, Laphroaig, Lagavulin, Ardbeg… the List goes on. Non peated favourites are GlenAllachie, Glen Grant and Glenfarclas.”


What is on FIAT NOX‘s roadmap?

“The next two releases will be EPs, one might be a split. After those two, we’ll record our second album, which is almost done, except for the lyrics – of course!

My main objective is to play on the Party.san stage one day.


Anything else you would like to spit out?

Thank you for not asking the same questions like everyone else, I enjoyed this.

Light The Torches – Fiat Nox!