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FIAT NOX – Interview with Desmotes

NECROGRAPHY  Light the Torches..! Let there be Night..! Before FIAT NOX there was ASZENDENT. What was it that killed and buried ASZENDENT? Which spark triggered a new musical/lyrical vision and the formation of FIAT NOX? Which members do ASZENDENT (RIP) and FIAT NOX have in common? How did the four of you get together? “The only member both bands share, is me. ASZENDENT wasContinue reading “FIAT NOX – Interview with Desmotes”

DRAMANDUHR – Ixaltirud / Ixtratarrastràh / Tàhn Stun Karràh

Italian esoteric/Mediterranean/avant-garde Metal project DRAMANDUHR released the first three singles Ixaltirud, Ixtratarrastràh, and Tàhn Stun Karràh anticipating the debut full-length album.