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DÖDSRIT – Mortal Coil (Wolves of Hades May 28th 2021)

4 tracks – 36 min. 37 sec.

The Swedish/Dutch atmospheric/melodic Black Metal outfit DÖDSRIT returns with its 3rd full-length baptized ‘Mortal Coil’ (WOLVES OF HADES), after first having issued the self-titled debut ‘Dödsrit’ (ALERTA ANTIFASCISTA RECORDS) and the sophomore ‘Spirit Crusher’ (PROSTHETIC RECORDS). ‘Mortal Coil’ consists of 4 extended compositions, which span over 9 (!) minutes on average, which typifies combos similar to WIEGEDOOD.

Despair filters through the opener ‘The Third Door’ with weeping harmonies and chords in minor, contrasting with ferociously lashed skins. The screeching, torn vocals comprise a Post Black Metal version of AT THE GATES’ Tomas Lindberg during ‘With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness’ and ‘Terminal Spirit Disease’.

The second and my absolute favorite opus ‘Shallow Graves’ is such an epic hymn that will blow you away with its mesmerizing, majestic, and melancholic melodies in the vein of DESTROYER 666’s ‘I am the Wargod’, SPECTRAL WOUND’s ‘Frigid and Spellbound’ or AFSKY’s ‘Tyende Sang’. Emotional lead strings contrive to convey the same somberness like INSOMNIUM, AT THE GATES (‘Terminal Spirit Disease’), and GOD DETHRONED (‘The Somberness of Winter’). Goosebumps guaranteed!

The title track ‘Mortal Coil’ initiates slightly more destructive, crushing, and crunchy melodic Black Metal the Swedish way (think DISSECTION, NECROPHOBIC, SACRAMENTUM, and the Germans of THULCANDRA), where a solo subtly builds a bridge towards the fragile finale.

‘Apathetic Tongues’ concludes the album and fires off with an adrenalizing axe assault which is revisiting NAGLFAR’s ‘Diabolical’ epoch and is supported by a blistering blast beat blizzard and fades out in gloomy resonances.

The recording, production, mixing, and mastering is the outcome of a joint venture between the professional skills of E-Sound Studios, Nailvillage, and Atomic Garden Recording Studio.

The lyrical path DÖDSRIT is treading is one of Weltschmerz, hurt, demise, guilt, and depression. They are words that cut deep through the flesh, bone, and marrow, right to the soul. It all mirrors the music well.

ARTEM GRIGORYEV’s classy grayscale front illustration conjures the etched works of Gustave Doré.

DÖDSRIT does not fit in one geographical box and blends the best elements of atmospheric Post Black Metal across the globe pleasing devotees of WINTERFYLLETH, WODENSTHRONE, MISþYRMING, AUðN, NAðRA, DOWNFALL OF GAIA, SUNKEN, AARA, HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY, WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, AGALLOCH, UADA, and FLUISTERAARS.

With ‘Mortal Coil’ DÖDSRIT delivers a top-notch melancholic & atmospheric Black Metal album that holds you in its grip till the end with its mind-haunting earworms. Don’t miss this one, you will not be disappointed!

9 out of 10 skulls