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DEN OF INIQUITY – Legions of Sin EP (Self-Released – 29 November 2020)

6 tracks – Duration: 28 min.

The corpse-painted & motivated Germans of DEN OF INIQUITY emerge from the Cologne underground and tag themselves as Black/Death Metal. In my opinion, they are more on the Black Metal side of the spectrum than on the Death Metal side. I would label them as atmospheric/melodic Black Metal.

Their Legions of Sin debut EP is an introduction of half an hour. On the title anthem, the harsh, scraping, and understandable death rattle of Deimos immediately strikes me as sounding close to the phlegm of ANCIENT’s Lord Kaiaphas. Imagine EVOL’s Prince of Agony shrieks too. The lead guitars even remind me of ANCIENT during The Cainian Chronicle era. The overall atmosphere exhumes my memories of the nineties’ melodic Black Metal sound (remember MACTÄTUS?). That is no different on the second hymn Sekhmet. DEN OF INIQUITY does not go full throttle all the way but cleverly plays with tempo variations. Proclamation of the Beast fires off fiercely with raw screeches, applying some subtle EMPEROR Ye Entrancemperium alike chords. The bass is audible throughout the record, and it goes particularly well together with the outburst of thunderous drums on Legacy. It is not just about sheer aggression either: they also introduce a sufficient amount of six-string melodies, as DARK FUNERAL would employ them – listen to The Reckoning, for example.

The basic black front portrays a red snake, ready to attack, below the white logo in genuine doctor’s hand-writing.

Are you feeling nostalgic yet? Why don’t you check them out and find out for yourself! Support the underground!

7.6 out of 10 skulls


Legions of Sin

The Throne of Absence
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7.6 / 10