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CULT BURIAL – Cult Burial (Self-Released – 6 November 2020)

9 tracks – Duration: 43 min.​

​Uncomfortable. That is the sensation I experience when listening to the self-titled full-length debut from the surprising Blackened Death Doom Metal combo CULT BURIAL, which is hailing from the London underground (no, I am not talking about the subway). When I state uncomfortable, I mean that as a compliment. One gets used to the extreme, brutal sound of Black or Death Metal throughout the years, and the shock effect becomes an exception. Only once in a blue moon, a band succeeds in sounding as eerie as the first time you heard DEICIDE or the nauseating MAYHEM when you probably still were a teenager. In that sense, CULT BURIAL makes some more recent ensembles turn pale. 

Imagine an obscure noise, say early BELPHEGOR, BLISS OF FLESH, ARKHON INFAUSTUS, BEHEMOTH, and TEMPLE OF BAAL. CULT BURIAL pre-dominantly conjures early BELPHEGOR from the Blutsabbath era. The possessed growls largely contribute to this perception. The lead guitars are impending, desolate, and even spacy as you would hear it on old PARADISE LOST. A sporadic doomy pace evokes INCANTATION. Skilled solos lighten up the overall obscure atmosphere. The repetitive cadence of the percussion produces a hypnotizing effect. 

A blazing demon is lurking on the front (courtesy of Brian Sheehan from Leger Demain Art) and tricks you into this nightmarish soundtrack. Song titles are to the point with just one keyword each.

Don’t expect any happy tunes. This record is not for the faint-hearted, but if you are ready to get immersed in a grim ambiance, then you could discover a rough diamond. This newcomer who only formed in 2020 delivered some pretty sick stuff with Cult Burial!

​8.1 out of 10 skulls