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THEOPTIA – Horeb (Self-Released – 21 October 2017)

9 tracks – Duration: 36 min. 14 sec. THEOPTIA is a Swiss progressive Death Metal one-man project which is said to be influenced by GOJIRA, MESHUGGAH, and TOOL. For some reason, early OPETH (Orchid & Morningrise) comes to my mind too. THEOPTIA’s debut album Horeb got recorded at the Carnivore Studio in 2015 -the sound is top-notch- and gotContinue reading “THEOPTIA – Horeb (Self-Released – 21 October 2017)”

CULT BURIAL – Cult Burial (Self-Released – 6 November 2020)

9 tracks – Duration: 43 min.​ ​Uncomfortable. That is the sensation I experience when listening to the self-titled full-length debut from the surprising Blackened Death Doom Metal combo CULT BURIAL, which is hailing from the London underground (no, I am not talking about the subway). When I state uncomfortable, I mean that as a compliment.Continue reading “CULT BURIAL – Cult Burial (Self-Released – 6 November 2020)”