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DIABOLIC – Mausoleum of the Unholy Ghost (Tentacle Industries – 6 June 2020)

8 tracks – Duration: 28 min. 8 sec.

This Florida Death Metal ensemble, which is featuring MONSTROSITY guitarist Matt Barnes in its ranks, was founded in 1997. DIABOLIC pulled the plug back in 2004 and stood up from the dead in 2006. ‘Supreme Evil’, ‘Subterraneal Magnitude’, ‘Vengeance Ascending’, ‘Infinity Through Purification’, and ‘Excisions of Exorcisms’ are full-lengths that belong to the collection of each self-respecting Death Metal addict. After a decade of silence, aside from a split with COMATOSE in 2019, DIABOLIC finally strikes back with ‘Mausoleum of the Unholy Ghost’ (containing a couple of songs which already appeared on the split). The album was recorded in DOW Studios where fellow Death Metal giants MORBID ANGEL and NILE immortalized some memorable sounds as well. I’d describe DIABOLIC as a cross-breed of MORBID ANGEL and ANGELCORPSE. 

DIABOLIC does not need any intro or sample but instantly goes full throttle on ‘Atmosphere of Dread’. As if they never took any (black) sabbatical, ghastly growls resonate from the grave and are backed up by ripping guitars and screeching solos. Aantar ‘Blastmaster’ Coates lives up to his name with an unearthly amount of beats per minute. DIABOLIC does not give you time to breathe on ‘R*ped of All Sacred’, which pursues the scorching pace of the opener with merciless Death Metal frenzy. 
Just like its predecessors, ‘Useless Saviour bulges of double-bass drum assaults, manic vocals, and savage solos. The title track ‘Mausoleum of the Unholy Ghost’ throws some lightning-fast solos and further double-bass salvos at you while Paul Ouelette conjures the Unholy Ghost, while also fulfilling of bassist in his dual role. Even if ‘Insanity Mastered’ is a tad slower at one point, you can forget about a ballad. Instead, desolate vibrato leads sometimes remind me of the atmosphere on OBITUARY’s ‘The End Complete’. Also ‘Infamous Legacy’ consists of the known ingredients: ravaging percussion, chaotic leads, and mad snarls. DIABOLIC takes no prisoners on ‘Passageway to Enchantment’ either with its fast and mean old school vibe. Dissonant organs prelude ‘Spoken Spite’, which makes a misleading slower impression due to the vocal part, however, the drums still rush through the background insanely. There is no room for peace & quiet on this disc, it flashes forward at warp speed, even the last tunes do not just fade out but end the record rather abruptly.   

No Joe Petagno cover-art this time, however, DIABOLIC hired a worthy replacement in none less than Zbigniew M. Bielak, who is notorious for his works for among others WATAIN and POSSESSED. The fiery front reflects the album title well with the Unholy Ghost and demons taking possession of a woman at a mausoleum. Lyrics are not included, at least not in the digipack version.

In a nutshell, the Old School Death Metal veterans from Tampa -fertile soil for qualitative Death Metal- don’t disappoint. ‘Mausoleum of the Unholy Ghost’ is a bulldozer of an album that will melt your face off and during which DIABOLIC showcases a marriage of brutality and technicality with experienced musicianship. Is it my favorite DIABOLIC release? Maybe not. Does this blast? Definitely! Too bad it barely lasts half an hour, but this release will knock you out anyway. Buckle up!

8.5​ out of 10 skulls