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DIABOLIC – Mausoleum of the Unholy Ghost (Tentacle Industries – 6 June 2020)

8 tracks – Duration: 28 min. 8 sec. This Florida Death Metal ensemble, which is featuring MONSTROSITY guitarist Matt Barnes in its ranks, was founded in 1997. DIABOLIC pulled the plug back in 2004 and stood up from the dead in 2006. ‘Supreme Evil’, ‘Subterraneal Magnitude’, ‘Vengeance Ascending’, ‘Infinity Through Purification’, and ‘Excisions of Exorcisms’ areContinue reading “DIABOLIC – Mausoleum of the Unholy Ghost (Tentacle Industries – 6 June 2020)”

ETERNAL AUTUMN – The Werewolf Diaries (Self-Released – 2019)

4 tracks – Duration: 20 min. This band goes way back in time. In a distant past, I reviewed ETERNAL AUTUMN’s ‘The Storm’ (1998). That album contained the killer track ‘Autumn Opus No 1’, which really blew me away back then – and it still does to this date.  The fifth printed edition of ‘The ThroneContinue reading “ETERNAL AUTUMN – The Werewolf Diaries (Self-Released – 2019)”