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ABORTED – Interview with Svencho

Necrography: All hell broke loose in the summer of 1995 as the world witnessed the birth of a new species of horror: the Belgian hack squad ABORTED emerged from the depths of this corrupted and filth bulging country. The band was founded by Gurgloroth Sven. It took till the summer of 1997 to find some serious and motivated butchers in Niek (bulging sick string mayhem) and Steven (percussion). In this line-up some gigs were done with several foreign acts such as DERANGED, VOMITORY,… After this, the band saw the cumming of Koen (bassturbations), which led to the recording of the first offering called The Necrotorous Chronicles, which sold out (+ 300 copies) in 4 months. This led to a deal with Burt of UXICON RECORDS for the first full length. A short time passed and Christophe was recruited as a second string raper and new tunes were excoriated. Some more concerts were done with DERANGED, DEFACED CREATION, DYING FETUS, ENTHRONED, ECTOPIA, GODDESS OF DESIRE, IMPEDIGON, HOUWITSER, LENGTH OF TIME, LIAR, … A new chapter started with the replacement of drummer Steven by the inhuman death scourge Frank due to a huge lack of motivation. The chainsaw maniacs entered the CCR studios in February 1999 for the recordings of the first slab of gore: The Purity of Perversion. It was unleashed upon mankind in May 1999. So far reactions were really great and sales are optimal. Right before entering the new millenium, the hack squad entered the CCR studios once again to record 3 new exquisite, brutal and sick gore hymns for a split-CD with CHRIST DENIED. This new offal is regurgitated under the flag of SOULREAPER RECORDS in March 2000 for global termination. Furthermore ABORTED is now signed to LISTENABLE RECORDS. They recently released their second full length Engineering the Dead.
Sven: oral eructations
Niek: razorized bonesaw
Thijs: flesh wires
Koen: bassturbations
Frank: inhuman battle scourge
1997: The Necrotorous Chronicles (+300 copies: sold out)
1999: The Purity of Perversion (UXICON RECORDS – +3500 sold))
2001: Engineering the Dead (LISTENABLE RECORDS)

Engineering the Dead is an album reflecting a strong evolution since the beginning. Never thought it would be even better than The Purity of Perversion. ABORTED surely made technical progress (solos!). Also the vocals slightly changed in my opinion. But ABORTED still stands for what ABORTED stood for in the past. Any comment concerning the aspect progress?

Well, spank you, actually we have thought our mental regression has had no influence on our musical compositions, but it seems it had a backlash effect and we somehow managed to create an album less crappy than the previous ones. I definitely agree that Engineering the Dead is more thought through and mature than The Purity of Perversion. We have worked our g*n@ds off on that one (how empty they now are, you have no idea, but your sister might). The vocals are a tad different because this home boy was not suffering from a throat ache this time around in studio (as in The Purity of Perversion). We are still 200% ABORTED, but in a more funky jacket, so please give us head now.

Are you glad with LISTENABLE Records? I mean, I think it is a great label (cool bands!) that promotes its bands a lot and assures a careful distribution. On the other hand, I did not find the new ABORTED as easily as expected.

Yes, we are definitely satisfied with the work LISTENABLE is doing, Laurent has been very helpful with everything (even in providing dominant slaves and hang twats) and seems to believe in us, something which we found pretty rare, haha. The reason why you prolly did not find it that easily is that the album was not officially distributed till early July. And Britney was on the rag, so we had to come up with a back up plan to get it in the Virgin Megastore (we just disguised our drummer as Paula Abdul and he sneaked in quite easily, the bastard even got his salad tossed).

CCR studio was not the first time for ABORTED. Can I conclude you are satisfied with what CCR did? The sound is excellent, if you ask me. How do you look back on the +/- 20 days in the studio? How would you describe one day? What do you prefer, studio or stage? Ever thought of MIDAS or FRANKY’S RECORDING KITCHEN? Can I be so impolite to ask how much a studio like CCR charges? Did LISTENABLE pay everything?

Actually we just went into the CCR because we have a severe disorder. Our pen!ses also bend over to the right side, and those were all criteria to get into the CCR. Heh, to be honest we were very pleased with the way Kris works and he did a good job the previous times, we are used to work with him and we had a bigger budget, so now you see the result (and we the cum bucket) The days were more relaxed than before, as we were more used to the recording (and p*rn) it went swiftly and we had time to dissect every detail (Jenn@ sucks c*ck like the best). We did not think about MIDAS as we do not like that sound all that much and FRANKY’S RECORDING KITCHEN is like in Holland, if we would be recording outside of Belgium I would have another choice. LISTENABLE paid most of the recording, but we added a little more from ourselves to finish it as we wanted. Hey, is that a crab louse in your hair?

Chad Michael Ward (DARKANE, SOILWORK) is responsible for the coverart. Did you get in touch with him yourself? Or was it via LISTENABLE? Did you give him instructions for the cover or was he free to do his will? Tell us more about his work.

We wanted something different for this album, we wanted it sick yet artistic. First we would have just taken a moonshot from our @sses, fits the sick part, but if it is artistic or not I will leave that to the jury. So we went on a seek and destroy fairy camping afternoon with LISTENABLE and we found that Chad might just do the trick. the result can be found in the cover of Engineering the Dead. You can see more of his work on his site:, f*ck sh!t up beeeeoooooootch

You are also active with GOREGRAPHIX. You take care of the design of ABORTED‘s website. And you did the lay-out for ABHORRENCE (also on LISTENABLE)’s CD. Tell me about GOREGRAPHIX and GOREMAGEDDON. Tell me about your relation with ABHORRENCE. Was it strictly via LISTENABLE Records? What do you think of their music? Are you a graphic designer by education?

Yes, that is correct, other than being a complete illiterate ret@rd, I do some graphic design for several bands / labels / morons and !nbreds. I have done all ABORTED lay-outs as well (only the cover from Engineering the Dead was done by Chad) I did the ABHORRENCE lay-out (as well as several other concepts for LISTENABLE) for LISTENABLE and I have had no contact with the band to date. They seem cool though. I studied that sh!t for a year, but I could barely handle the alphabet that it turned more into a golden alcohol massacre that year than actually graduating. But hell I can manage in that kind of sh!t, I guess, hahaha. Newest projects being printed are the @N@L TORTURE Sh!t Pifter MCD and MURDER CORPORATION Tagged & Bagged, so check them out; actually old designs, but finally getting printed, haha. New designs: new ABORTED shirts, posters, CENTURIAN posters, etc.

What about the side projects @N@L TORTURE and DUST? Any other side-projects? What is the meaning/objective of the C*CK & BALL CREW (ABORTED/DUST/ECTOPIA)? Guitarist Christophe left the band to play in LIAR. What do you think of LIAR? ABORTED seems to be quite popular in the Hard Core scene, what is the reason? You are into HC, aren’t you? Do you like playing live before a Hard Core audience? More violence in the mosh pit? Do you prefer a Hard Core or a Death Metal audience?

@N@L TORTURE is a band whose line up is a national secret, saying more would probably get me killed in some horrid accident, so f*ck you Bubba, I am not telling, I swear! Only thing I can tell is that the demo, which was recorded last May (and never got released), is finally seeing light of day end of August on MCD on NOCTURNAL MUSIC (Italy) and they are working on songs for a full length album Heaven Shall Burn once We Have Farted for this winter. You can expect some vile up your @ss and t!tty shaking grindocaust there! DUST has split up quite some time ago, remaining members are now in IMPEDIGON. LIAR is pretty cool, not really my bag of chips, but they are cool guys and friends and a great live band. We have our share of HC people supporting us, which is cool as hell, I listen to quite some Hard Core myself, we have rarely played on Hard Core shows though, the pit was not voilent at all, they were more like ‘wow, that is fast’ or like ‘hey, that guy has bigger t!ts than my sister!’, heh.

How do you look back on the American tour? OHIO DEATH FEST (MALEVOLENT CREATION, DEEDS OF FLESH, EXHUMED, CBT, SEVERE TORTURE, PUTRILAGE, BRODEQUIN, INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY, SEVERANCE…) and FTC Fest? You also played in Finland (AMON AMARTH…)? Where else? With which bands? ABORTED played live in front of 5000 people in DOUR (MARDUK, IMMORTAL, …). In front of how many people was it in the USA? What was the difference between Belgium and the USA? There are also plans for a video (OHIO DEATH FEST/FTC FEST)? What role did Frédéric Caure (RHYMES OF DESTRUCTION) play in the making of the video? What do you think of music like RHYMES OF DESTRUCTION?

Well, it was no American tour really, the only American tour we might have done is the one where we are involved in bashing up their toilets. We only did the DEATH FEST which was awesome. The pit was totally devastating and people actually knew us, which was a total surprise to us. We excepted ending up playing before 5 drunken bums but it turned out that the only 5 drunken bums were actually us; damn! F*CK THE COMMERCE was also great (superb urinoirs to temper with) 4000 maniacs banging their heads off, what can be sweeter (your mom yes, but I do not want to hear that now, maybe later though)? Finland got cancelled, unfortunately, we never heard back from those guys, a pity (they must have heard from our erectile projectiles). Ehm, the OHIO DEATHFEST had like 500 people, the US is a lot bigger and more spread than over here; On local shows there you usually get 50 people, the biggest thing would be the MILWAUKEE METALFEST, and then the DEATHFEST. It was a sweet experience for sure. The big difference was the amount of fatties and the way more violent pit and raging lunatics banging heads in for the lads. The video thing has been re-scheduled, we are going to make a CD-ROM compilation with various live tracks and it is going to be a more unofficial release, for the fans, so to say. Fré filmed the whole Ohio footage. RHYMES OF DESTRUCTION is not really my cup of tea, but they are good friends.

Am I right that you considered first to sign to Dave Rotten’s label REPULSE? What can you tell me about Dave Rotten (REPULSE Records/AVULSED/CHRIST DENIED/ANAEMIA)?

To make this long question short: yes we did, and you are correct, they could not provide the support we got from other interested companies, Dave was p!ssed for a while but everything was settled in a fashionable matter. We are good friends and still support each other. The whole thing was already settled before the split with ANAEMIA got released. Dave Rotten is a very cool guy who works hard for his label and the underground scene, he has put out quite some killer Death Metal and Grind releases, so definitely support his bands and label.

Do you think the success story of ABORTED started during the BRUTAL SUMMER tour with DEFACED CREATION, DERANGED, DYING FETUS and AGATHOCLES? What do you think of these bands?

NO, the success story of ABORTED started when we all learned that looking good is more important than m@sturb@ting often. And that our girly t!ts are more shaved than your cr*tch, you filthy animal, admit it! I have no clue how or when our ‘success’ has started, we are just some bums writing songs… I like most of those bands, they all are very talented acts and motivated f*ckers, only DEFACED CREATION has split up now. We are in contact with all the rest and touring with DYING FETUS in September.

Horror-samples are an important ingredient for ABORTED. For the previous releases you used samples of Dr. Giggles, Braindead, Day of the Dead, Evil Dead 2, Some Sect Movie, Texas Chain Saw Massacre 4, documentaries of Charles Manson and Henry Lee Lucas. From what movies/documentaries did you take samples for Engineering the Dead? You are also a goregallery freak (rotten dot com is “too decent” cfr. DOODSESKADER). Any other sites? What in horror, splatter, gore etc. attracts you so much? Could you imagine ABORTED without pathological lyrics? Do you consider CARCASS as the godfathers of pathological Grind Core? What do you think of their last works?

Yes, the intros are very important to us, it gives a more morbid feeling to the songs, at least we think so. For Engineering the Dead we dug up: Hellraiser 2, The Reanimator, Night of the Living Dead, documentary on Jeffrey Dahmer, a real army autopsy video (tasty!), Ed Gein the Movie and Return of the Living Dead. I do not look up for sick pics on the net anymore, it kind of bored me after a while, haha, best site I can advise is: choosedeath dot com, the best aesthetic death site for sure. I cannot imagine ABORTED without the gore, we are addicted to that and your underwear. CARCASS are simply the gods, every release, and I mean every release (how different they are) are masterpieces.

Never had any problems with censorship?

Yes, we are getting problems with that in Germany mostly, most mailorders refused to print the images of our albums and shirts in their catalogs and several magazines have been boycotting us because we are so said pro-rape because of Nailed Through her C*nt, it is all funny though, it is stupid and they should just realize that it is not to be taken seriously at that point, there are more important things to do in life than censoring Metal bands, like actually doing something about rape and murder, but for that they are too chicken sh!t.

HYBREED Records is a new label you founded with Jan ‘RATAPLAN‘ because GOODLIFE/SOULREAPER, your old label (after ESOPHAGUS Records), broke with the signed Death Metal and Grind bands and will only sign Black Metal bands in the future. Could you elaborate on SOULREAPER‘s attitude? What do you think of the band SOULREAPER? Is it Jan’s face in the HYBREED logo? Will HYBREED only release Death Metal (and Grind / Gore / …) or also Black Metal etc.? The first release is SUHRIM‘s Unidentified Flying Objects. Tell me about this release! The SUHRIM vocalist is also responsible for the backing vocals on three tracks of Engineering the Dead. How did the cooperation come to mind (you have the right to remain silent, everything can and will be used against you)?

The only thing I still have to say about SOULREAPER is that they are useless wankers in it for money and not for music. Thank you. SOULREAPER (the band) is pretty ok. Not my favourite kind of sh!t, but it is ok. Hahaha, nope, the face from the HYBREED logo is taken from an old horror movie, find out what it is and win a free poo sample from Svencho! The cooperation with Jolle came to mind as he is a close friend and he is an excellent vocalist, so there you go. (no there was no c*ck sucking involved (in studio))

I read you like Death Metal because music is more important than image. Do you think image is more important than music in Black Metal?

Yes, I believe that no matter what kind of sh!t you listen to, you have to be yourself and not some overdressed hype baboon. I have no problem with Black Metal, but there are a lot of people in there who do not even care about music as long as they look cool (as in many other scenes, Death Metal scene not left out). Just be yourself no matter what some @ss magnets think, this is about music and underground, not about Gautier and make up.

What is your opinion on abortion, considering the band name? How does your mother or girl friend react? What do you think of the notorious cover of DISGORGE‘s Forensick?

I think abortion is a woman’s choice, depending what she feels about it and what her situation is, it is not our job to say what someone has to do in their lives. My mother is more worried with my gen!tal itch really, my girl has no problems at all with ABORTED. The only thing abortion related to the band is our @ss. I think that cover is very violent and gory, but pointless, not my kind of thing.

The first riff off the new album reminds me of the opening riff of MONSTROSITY‘s latest album. Any comment?

Ehm, I have no idea, I only have one album of MONSTROSITY (Millenium something?) and I have rarely listened to it so I could not really answer to that, I will check it out of corpse.

React to:

FRONTLINE: kick @ss underground club with a hell of a lot of shows and support
SEVERE TORTURE: good friends from Holland
DOODSESKADER: cool Belgian underground zine
PYREXIA: pretty cool band and definitely better than their new band CATASTROPHIC
NAPALM DEATH: Grind gods

What Death Metal bands would you advise? And in Belgium? How does it feel to belong to the top of the Belgian and maybe even the international Death Metal scene?

New Death Metal bands that have been kicking my g*n@ds (also Grind): ILLDISPOSED (new albums kicks @ss), REGURGITATE, GRONIBARD, IMPALED, BRODEQUIN, etc. Belgian bands: SUHRIM, ECTOPIA and HEADMEAT for sure. Ehm, I do not think we belong to any kind of elite or top of whatever, unless it is the nudy bar asociated gang bang mofos, so I cannot really answer to that we just do our thing regardless of whatever bitches about it, haha.

Compose the ultimate album:

vocals: Bo summer (ILLDISPOSED)
lead guitars: Bill steer (CARCASS)
rhythm guitars: Dough Cerrito (SUFFOCATION)
bass: the guy from CRYPTOPSY
drums: Kai (ROTTEN SOUND)
coverart: Wes Benscoter
studio: Aabenra Studio (ILLDISPOSED)
medium: CD and Vinyl

What is your opinion on piracy (CDR/MP3)?

Not very cool for the bands and labels, but inevitable, and also promotion in some way; if someone who buys the albums gets to listen to some MP3s of a band he does not know, and like it he will end up on buying the album, so it can be a good thing as it is a bad thing. – the fact that demos are released on CDs nowadays instead of on tape? Stupid, a demo is a demo, a f*cking tape, that has the demo feel to it; CD-R demos are just wannabe CDs and just do not have the right feeling, at least if you ask me.

Is internet a good or a bad thing for the underground?

Internet is a powerful tool for the underground , you can reach a lot of people basically for free, and it is fast as f*ck, so it is definitely a good thing if you ask me.

Anything else?

Thanks for the interview, it was fun, as always. Keep m@sturb@ting with both hands to keep your pen!s straight and think about us some time. for all the latest news, gossip and p*rn related stories, grind on!!!!!