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ABHORRENCE – Interview with Rangel

ABHORRENCE was formed in the beginning of 1997 by Rangel Arroyo, on guitar and vocals, Fernando Arroyo (drums) and later Kleber Varnier got the bass (now he is out…) closing the line up. The band released two demo tapes Ascension (1997), Triumph in Blasphemy (1999) and now the debut full-length CD Evoking the Abomination.

G: Evoking the Abomination is the first thing I hear from ABHORRENCE. What were the previous releases? How did they sell and what were the reactions?

R: Our previous releases are the demo tapes Ascension from 1997 and Triumph in Blasphemy from 1999. On both demos we played Death Metal with total fury and savagery in the sound, just like it is the case with our full-length album Evoking the Abomination! We are totally satisfied with these releases, it was the beginning of everything for ABHORRENCE and until now, both demos drew the attention of many guys asking me for a copy… Ascension was distributed very well, but I do not know the exact sales numbers, later WILD RAGS (actually out of activities!) released this demo on CD. Now the demo Triumph in Blasphemy is featured on the compilation CD Brazilian Assault from RELAPSE Records!

G: Since the birth of KRISIUN, there seems to be some kind of brutal Death Metal explosion with REBAELLIUN, NEPHASTH, ABHORRENCE, IMPERIOUS MALEVOLENCE, DESCEREBRATION, ABHORRENCE, …. How come? Is it thanks to KRISIUN and REBAELLIUN Brazilian brutal Death Metal bands get a chance? Or did KRISIUN/REBAELLIUN “invent” the Brazilian style and set the “trend” (excuse me for the word choice)? Or …? Are there any other Brazilian bands worth checking out? KRISIUN and REBAELLIUN obtained the status of being Death Metal gods. They truly deserve it, but aren’t they just lucky? Because ABHORRENCE e.g. is definitely as good and does not have the same status.

R: The Brazilian Metal tradition has always been fast and brutal, but some years back the scene here lost the true meaning and the real principles… until KRISIUN released the album Black Force Domain on this earth, believe me, my friend, the true existence of Metal was reborn here thanks to this album. It put the Metal scene on the real way and all sh!t on the place it deserved! So Brazil thanks KRISIUN (Hail!!!) for that! Many bands like ABHORRENCE themselves were born with the feeling of hate and revenge comes from this masterpiece. I think that what has happened to Brazilian Death Metal is something that the scene here was searching for and something Brazil really deserved! Somehow KRISIUN and REBAELLIUN as well have turned everyone’s eyes to the Brazilian scene, but… without trend! All bands you have mentioned before are great, but I would also recommend to check out OPHIOLATRY, ANCESTRAL MALEDICTION, FLESHGRINDER, etc. Death Metal bands have conquered a good sound quality here. They play with brutality and march through the true ways. With this cause, believe me, it will be natural that the Death Metal scene here will reveal more Brazilian killer bands to the worldwide scene!

G: What moves you to play such brutal music? Is it due to the conditions in Brazil?

R: Brazil is an amazing place to live, maybe one of the best in the world, but the financial conditions really are not good here. There are no “good” places to play live. Death Metal bands from over here always play in the dirtiest holes, with poor instruments… Here you live with hate, savagery and extremism on the skin, you have to survive every fucking difficulty. So somehow the life conditions make us strong and bring about hatred to play extreme fast brutal Metal, besides the doctrines of dedication to learn to play in this way!

G: Where/When/How did ABHORRENCE learn to play their instruments? There seem to be a lot of talented bands in Brazil (like there is some Metal school, maybe even a brutal Death Metal school minding the resemblances) with bands like SARCOFAGO, SEPULTURA in the older days and KRISIUN, REBAELLIUN more recently. Can I state that Brazil is a Metal-country? How is the Metal/underground-scene? Many bands, labels, distros, magazines?

R: We are playing Metal since 1995 when we got our instruments and started to learn the ways of music. We are proud for the Brazilian bands and musicians concerning your comment about talented bands here! Like you are mentioning, if you check SARCOFAGO, KRISIUN as well as REBAELLIUN well, it is possible to say that these bans are a type of Brazilian Death Metal school and since Brazil is revealing great bands like those mentioned, you can say that Brazil is a Metal-country today! About the scene here, we have many bands and ‘zines, but here the underground scene enjoys few support.

G: Logo-drawer Christophe Szpajdel is a true supporter of Brazilian Death Metal. I saw a.o. he was introducing IMPERIOUS MALEVOLENCE and DESCEREBRATION to bands/people in THE FRONTLINE (Metal-pub in Ghent/Belgium) so they could play as support-act on gigs and he distributes their stuff (CDs and shirts) in his DEVIL’S ELIXIR distro. What are the results of his efforts? Did he contact ABHORRENCE as well? Who drew the ABHORRENCE logo by the way?

R: Well, I know that Szpajdel supports a lot of Brazilian bands in Europe by booking some bands to play in the FRONTLINE and supporting with DEVIL’S ELIXIR distro as well. All guys who know the guy personally told me good things about his work. So the results of his efforts are great. Any support to the bands is important! ABHORRENCE has contact with Szpajdel since the beginning, he already said to me to wait for his support until ABHORRENCE will be playing in Europe, so we hope to meet him some day! Yes, Szpajdel is a logo-drawer too, but I drew the ABHORRENCE logo!

G: Sven “Goregraphix” (from ABORTED) is responsible for the lay-out & design of the CD-booklet. How did you get in touch with him? Is it because ABORTED is also on LISTENABLE Records? What do you think of ABORTED? Any Belgian bands you like? Are you glad with the work of LISTENABLE?

R: I do not have contact with Sven yet, but I will take this opportunity to say hello and thanks to this guy! The lay-out of the European version for Evoking the Abomination is killer, I think that GOREGRAPHIX is responsible for the ABHORRENCE CD booklet because of the fact that ABORTED is also on LISTENABLE Records. Like I was already saying, I do not have contact with Sven and ABORTED, but I am sure I will get in touch very soon. Anyway, what I can say about them is that I heard good things about their sound and I have seen that they have a f*cking killer logo too!!! Sh!t, damned, sorry, I do not know or remember Belgian bands well… DETHRONED is great!!! (You must be thinking of the Dutch GOD DETHRONED -ed) We really hope to hear from Belgian bands and we also hope to play in Belgium! About LISTENABLE Records, I have to say that we cannot be better than with the French label and the American label EVIL VENGEANCE Records as well, Laurent is a great and true guy. We have received great response from European magazines and hell-bangers there, so we are very glad with the promotional work LISTENABLE did for ABHORRENCE and the debut album.

G: Just like for the latest KRISIUN cover (and DIABOLIC, UNLORD, …), Joe Petagno painted the cover. Who is this guy? Is he Brazilian? Tell us more about his work! How did you get in touch with him? How can we?

R: PETAGNO is the guy who did cover-artwork for MOTÖRHEAD (Overkill, Sacrifice, We are Motörhead…). Next to that, he also did cover albums for DIABOLIC, VITAL REMAINS, KRISIUN, ANGELCORPSE, INFAMY, etc. For us, PETAGNO is one of the best paint-designers, his work is f*cking amazing, he has a traditional style! I contacted him, I do not know his nationality, but he lives in Denmark.

G: Desmond Sia is also represented in the booklet with a cool illustration. Tell me more about his work etc.

R: This guy is an insane friend from Malaysia, he is one of today’s best designers! He has done blasphemous killer pieces for his own HELLUSTRATION collection. The piece that is represented in the ABHORRENCE album is called Abominations, this piece shows redemption, the weakness and temptation of Christ (with an impaled face) inside a pentagram that is closed with the serpent circle, with two hateful Orogons from the ancient mythology and the demon goat raising the triumph of the inverted cross… All his works are great! Recently, DESMOND also did the artwork for IMPIETY‘s Skullf*cking Armageddon and ANGELCORPSE‘s Iron, Blood and Blasphemy.

G: There seems to be a geographic pattern in Death Metal. E.g. there is US Death Metal, Brazilian Death Metal, Swedish Death Metal and Dutch Death Metal: also 4 different styles actually. Do you agree on this pattern? Any explanation?

R: Yes, you are right. Any of these places has an own sound, maybe the explanation is the history of Metal tradition of every country, for example US Death Metal always was a technical and brutal style, Swedish Death Metal got a heavier side, whereas Brazilian Death Metal is fast and savage. Besides the geographic location, every place has a different environment and different conditions of life.

G: Eric Rutan a.o. mastered the album. How is this guy? What do you think of MORBID ANGEL and HATE ETERNAL?

R: RUTAN is a true, extreme and cool guy! He has done the mastering of Evoking the Abominations in his own studio DIMENSIONAL SOUND in the USA. For us, it was a great honor, we like all his works: production as well as guitar. What can I say about MORBID ANGEL? They are number one! About HATE ETERNAL… we like them a lot, it is a killer band with good musicians like Cerrito and Rutan himself. I think that HATE ETERNAL is one of the most promising Death Metal bands to emerge like DIABOLIC, REBAELLIUN, CENTVRIAN… I have heard that HATE ETERNAL is recording a new album, so I cannot f*cking wait to listen to the new stuff!

G: Compose the ultimate album:

R: Evoking the Abomination?!!!

vocals: Rangel Arroyo

rhythm guitar: Rangel Arroyo

lead guitar: Rangel Arroyo

drum: Fernando Arroyo

logo: Rangel Arroyo

cover-art: Joe Petagno

label: Evil Vengeance Records / Listenable Records

studio: recorded at Da Tribo studio / mastered at Dimensional Sound Studio

medium: CD

G: What do you think of piracy (CD-R, MP3, …)? Is internet good/bad for Metal/underground? Should a demo appear on tape or on CD?

R: I understand that some people do not accept the internet in the underground, but in Brazil for example, the “traditional” snail mail is very expensive and slow when a band has to promote themselves towards other countries, etc. So the internet is an interesting communication tool for us! ABHORRENCE has a homepage where you can find everything about the band like news, photos, biography, merchandise, MP3, contact… Well, this really helps us a lot with the band promotion!

G: Was the album supposed to be released on EVIL VENGEANCE Records? Or was it already released on EVIL VENGEANCE Records? Or…?

R: First we signed the deal with EVIL VENGEANCE Records from the USA to release the full length album Evoking the Abomination. A bit later, Laurent from LISTENABLE Records got in touch and told me he was interested in ABHORRENCE. So EVIL VENGEANCE licensed the album to LISTENABLE to promote the band in Europe. We are very honored to be on both labels and we are glad with the deal. I hope that they achieve all objectives with their means.

R: Anything else?

I would like to thank you G. and the total support with THE THRONE OF ABSENCE!!! ABHORRENCE is looking forward to playing in Europe in the near future and desecrating the stages with the wrath of total Death Metal! Hail to all our European friends, bands and magazines we are in touch with, we are receiving great response from over there! Keep the flame of Death/underground alive!!!! METAL, BLOOD AND REVENGE!!!!666

G: Thanks, Rangel & ABHORRENCE!

G. (May 11th 2001)