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IN-QUEST – Interview with Noise Grinder

Insane Intense Power

SHIVER RECORDS released IN-QUEST‘s new CD. I read you lost contact with Twan from TEUTONIC EXISTENCE RECORDS. How come? Are you glad with SHIVER RECORDS? Do they promote IN-QUEST sufficiently?

Twan from TEUTONIC EXISTENCE RECORDS quit his company for unknown reasons and he left Cees with a lot of misery. Cees still wanted to continue with us, but he had to start from scratch again. SHIVER RECORDS also showed interest and his offer was more interesting. After the release of Operation: Citadel SHIVER RECORDS stopped activities to become a new label, so promotion for this album was not that good, but the promises for the future are OK.

In my opinion, the sound is again not perfect to reflect the Insane Intense Power that is IN-QUEST. Why don’t you consider MIDAS studio?

Tell me what is wrong with the sound? OK, it is no ABYSS-quality, because we wanted a different sound and in our opinion we succeeded in creating a heavy, low, but clear sound, you can hear every instrument and the balance in every sound level is almost perfect. And also we did not talk about the budget!!!!!!!

IN-QUEST has a new rhythm-guitarist… again! Do you think IN-QUEST found a definitive guitarist now? What is the present link between ex-rhythm-guitarist Riff-Raff and IN-QUEST?

We hope so! Douglas is a very good guitar-player and he succeeded to replace Wim in a way that you almost cannot hear the difference. It was Wim’s idea for Douglas to replace him, first it was only for gig, but after a while, we noticed that Wim wanted to leave us and we asked Douglas to join us as a new member. It was not easy for us to lose Wim, but with Douglas we have an equal replacement. At the moment, Douglas plays all the tracks from the last album and we already created 3 new songs with him. Douglas brought some new flesh in IN-QUEST, but no new identity (as some might think). As for Laurent, he still is a good friend, but musically he has nothing to do with IN-QUEST anymore. Guess what?! He started a new band! Very different than before, some kind of instrumental heavy Rock/Thrash/Grind.

Tell us about the lyrics on Operation: Citadel.

Cross Cursed: about priests who abuse children in the name of ‘god’. Festung Stalingrad: probably the biggest battle in WWII. Seen through the eyes of an average German soldier. Based on the movie Stalingrad. Co!tal Amnesia: lust between 2 persons. Bombattack Trauma: based on stories told by my grandfather of the fear of the attacks of V2-bombs. A lot of these bombs came down in our area. Also based on the stories of the bombings on Dresden. Battle Domination: the use of manpower at the Eastfront was enormous. The dominance of the Russians at the end of the war was 20 to 1 (and still they failed sometimes). Operation: Citadel: about the largest tank battle in July 1943 around Kursk. The definitive turning point at the Eastern front. Necklacing: in African rebel wars the government troops put a burning tyre around the rebel prisoners.

Unlike with most of the IN-QUEST releases, Aloïs Geenen is not responsible for the coverart this time. How come?

Simply because he did not have any decent paintings for this concept. We do not order him to make drawings for us. He just works for himself.

You have a distro. Can you tell us more about it?

In fact I stopped with it because of the lack of time. We do not trade anymore, but if some band wants to sell his product, just get in touch.

On a picture, I saw the members with T-shirts of KORN and PARADISE LOST. Why does IN-QUEST play (untypical) Death/Grind then?

Do you really care about what we wear? Is there a dresscode for every kind of music? If the guys want to wear such shirts, it is up to them. If we make band pictures nobody tells us what we have to wear. And we are not only interested in Death / Grind, each of us has different musical tastes.

How did IN-QUEST create its unique style?

By wearing KORN PARADISE LOST -shirts! Sorry for joking. We listen to very different types of music and pick our influences everywhere (see ultimate band-question). We do not follow any trend in our music. We do what WE want. Our songs are creations of 5 individuals without any interference from outside!

React to the following words:

FRONTLINE: Nice place to be and to play. Alain and Kristien rule!!!!
CENTURIAN: I know Wim for about 10 years now, but I prefer his previous bands (INQUISITOR & DESULTORY)
PRO-PAIN The Kill: We did this cover for fun with the guys of COOPERATE, easy tune to play and lyrical it suits us. P.S.: we are working on another cover now, expect the unexpected!
STRAPPING YOUNG LAD: Kills! The ultimate and heaviest band I have ever seen on earth! City is one of my top-5 ultimate all-time favourite albums.

Compose the ultimate band:

For this question, you can find the ultimate band for all 5 band members.

Noise Grinder:

vocals: Mika Luttinen (IMPALED NAZARENE) – Dean Jones (EXTREME NOISE TERROR)
lead guitar: Cezar (CHRIST AGONY) – rhythm guitar: Devin Townsend (
drums: Machine (GODFLESH)

Jan Geenen:

vocals: Jorgen Sandstrom (PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX) – lead guitar: Alexi Laiho (CHILDREN OF BODOM) – rhythm guitar: Waldemar Sorychta (GRIP INC.) – bass: Rayna (COAL CHAMBER) – drums: Gene Hoglan

Gert Monden:

vocals: Mike Patton (MR. BUNGLE, FANTOMAS) – lead guitar: Greg Howe – rhythm guitar: Frederik Thorndahl (MESHUGGAH) – bass: Sean Malone (AGHORA, CYNIC) – drums: Joey Baron (NAKED CITY)

Manu Van Tichelen:

vocals: Anders Friden (IN FLAMES) – lead guitar: Gregor Macintosh (PARADISE LOST) – rhythm guitar: Kenth Philipson (PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX) – bass: Marnix (SAROMA’S) – drums: Dave Lombardo


vocals: Attila (MAYHEM) – lead guitar: Paul Masvidal (CYNIC) – rhythm guitar: Chuck Schuldiner (DEATH) – bass: Sean Malone (AGHORA) – drums: Sean Reinert (DEATH)

Last battle hymns?

Xylad greenthings to everyone who supported us all those years! Await some new stuff somewhere in 2001. Thank you G for your support by this interview!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Noise Grinder & IN-QUEST