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INFESTATION – Interview with Dave

INFESTATION surpassed the boundaries of brutality with their mighty debut full length Mass Immolation, released by the newborn label LUNA Records. Although this band hails from England, it  shows some resemblances with American Death Metal monsters like DEICIDE. And like the line-up gives away, INFESTATION does not need a bassist to sound heavy! David Samuel is our interviewee…

David Samuel – vocals
Guiseppe Cutispoto – guitar
Jeremy Gray – guitar
Declan Malone – drums

England is more a country that takes quality above quantity concerning Metal, with bands like BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PRIEST in the early days and NAPALM DEATH, BENEDICTION, MY DYING BRIDE and CRADLE OF FILTH later on. How is the English scene in reality; I mean, are there a lot of bands, labels, distros, zines, compilations, clubs involved in Metal/underground?

The British scene is healthy with bands, zines & distros. As for clubs, places to gig we are starved.

Compose the ultimate cd:

vocals: Chris Barnes
guitar: one of the Hoffman brothers
lead: Trey
bass: SADUS
studio: Morris
art: H.R. Giger
label: E.M.I.
logo: Adrian Wear

“Mass Immolation” is the first release of LUNA. Was it a smart choice to pick a new label, because it is easier for a small label to focus on a band than for a big label, or does the promotion (new label=no money) leave a lot to be desired?

LUNA is into the music we play and we are their main Death concentration for them. I am sure the label will grow to be a success.

Due to a kind of Death Metal revival, Death Metal is not just a single style anymore, but it has many subdivisions. The existence of subdivisions seems to be linked to geography. There is U.S. Death, Swedish Death, Brazilian Death, Dutch Death etc. The four subdivisions I named are most popular, in my opinion. Do you agree and could you explain this phenomenon?

I do agree. A lot of Death Metal reflects its surrounding each being different. Depending where you are, may be effected by the astronomical affect on the mind, releasing the darker sides of the mind. Some places release the more hatred fueled Death. To me, this usually reflects a general hate for the society around you and key charge points in the society will feed your hate/anger.

Is internet good or bad for bands?

I think the internet is good for bands. You are no longer tied down by the country. You are in easy world access.

What do you think of the fact that image plays an important role in Metal?

I am 50 50 on the subject really. Some of the bands out there with the total sh!t they play, need the lets, dress up like a bunch of pansy c*nts image to sell their records. But some bands do it well in both music and image. Good luck to them.

What is your view on piracy?

You cannot get better than the real thing, in my opinion.

Do you consider the success of commercial “Metal”-acts like SEPULTURA, METALLICA, MACHINE HEAD, CRADLE OF FILTH and DIMMU BORGIR as being positive (e.g. acceptance by the larger public) or negative (e.g. trend) for Metal?

I see it as a positive thing. It gets people into heavier kinds of Metal, which leads to a bigger Death scene.

Anything else you want to say?

Well, merchandise is sold out. Web site is on its way. Anyone interested in setting one up for us is welcome. I have seen some and they are cool. STAY BRUTAL.

Thanks Dave & INFESTATION!