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HAEMORRHAGE – Interview with Luisma

In 1990 Luisma and Jose joined with the sick idea of making a GRIND GORE band, following the path of the underground gods of those days. The early days were really hard, with lots of line-up problems, without a real rehearsal place, etc.. .So the band had to carry on as a project-band with only two members.

In September ’92 HAEMORRHAGE recorded their first ever demo “Grotesque Embryopathology” that is distributed in a small circle of friends and ‘zines, because of its horrible sound.

It was in the end of 1993 when the project started to turn into a “real” band, their old friend Lugubrious joined the band as vocalist. Some months after Ramon -who played with Lugubrious in another band- joined HAEMORRHAGE on bass. With that line-up they record a promotape that was released by MORBID RECORDS on EP format. The German label also signed them for a full CD.

In July ’94 Ana is asked to join the band as a second guitarist, after replacing Rarnon on Bass for two gigs. In December ’94 the band recorded the first album “Emetic Cult” with 14 songs of pathological GRIND/DEATH. That album was released in May’95 and it was very well received by the European Underground.

In May ’96 Jose left the band being replaced by Rojas who played with Ramon and Lugubrious in another band.

In August ’96 the band start their fist ever European tour “GRIND OVER EUROPE“, playing 14 gigs in Europe with Dead Infection and CSSO, a totally great experience for HAEMORRHAGE.

In November ’96 the band finished the recording of their new album “Grume” with 14 new brain crushing bombs of pathological GRIND GORE. The album was released in May ’97 and presented live on a European Mini4our. “Grume” got really good reviews, from underground press to international music magazines, putting the name of HAEMORRHAGE among the leaders of the style.

In September ’97 a split EP Haemorrhage I Damnable was finally released on TM Recs., containing songs recorded in 1995.

After the good response on “Grume” the band had a very difficult challenge. So after record some split EP ‘5 (Haemorrhage I Denak, b1~~cinoiihage I Groinchurn and Haemorrhage I Ingrowing) the band started to work on third album “Anatomical Inferno” with the idea of destroy all they have done previously. No bounds for brutality, no trendy sounds, just pure and intense GRIND… “Anatomical Inferno” -released on December ’98 – is a concept album, with 14 bone grinding songs of pure sickness that will tear your neck apart!!!

In all these years HAEMORRHAGE has played with bands like Agathocles, Cannibal Corpse, Irnmolation, Anal C*nt, Krabathor, Fleshcrawl, Mucupurulent, Denak, CSSO, Dead Infection, Obscenity, etc…

Let’s start with HAEMORRHAGE‘s latest release…

Well, it is called Anatomical Inferno and it contains 14 songs of infernal Grind Gore that will make your brain suppurate rancid purulent pus. We recorded it in October 1998 at Goreactir studios in Madrid, Spain… We personally think it is our best release to date! Listen to it and get sick! Ha, ha…

Can you guess how many copies you will sell?

I think we will sell 5000 copies of Anatomical Inferno if the things go right… That is a little quantity, but it is a lot for a Grind/Death band.

What are the lyrics like?

I write the lyrix… as many people know, we are totally into the pathalogical/gore lyrix. This last album is a concept-album, and there is a full story divided in chapters (each song is like one chapter), so it was quite difficult to write! My inspiration for this album came from our lyrical background and from KING DIAMOND albums.

What are the reactions on your latest release? What do you think of it yourself?

In this short time we are getting excellent reviews and reactions which are even better than those we got on Grume CD. I think it is our sickest stuff, it is more extreme than our previous albums, but we still have a lot of space to experiment. Anyway, I also think we came back to the roots of underground music. So I am proud of it…f*ck trends!

Did you play across the borders of Spain?

We played in Germany, Holland, Czech Republic and Belgium. We played with bands like DEAD INFECTION, AGATHOCLES, FLESH CRAWL, CSSO, KRABATHOR, PURGATORY, MUCUPURULENT, ETC…

Describe a HAEMORRHAGE gig!

Blood, noise and f*ckin’ Grind Gore! We perform really shocking gigs… It is better you watch it! There is not only music… there is visual aggression!

How much fan mail does HAEMORRHAGE get?

It depends… but I think 3 every day (average) but now I receive some more, we are in the promotion of Anatomical Inferno. Maybe within 6 months it will be 2 or 3 again.

What are you listening to right now?

Now I am listening to DAWN OF DECAY from Sweden… Their New Hell CD and Gore Metal of EXHUMED are the best CDs of 1998.

Which song do you want to be played on your funeral?

I would really like a song on my funeral. It would be Killed by Death by Motörhead… If you have seen the video maybe you know what I mean! Ha, ha….

Tell us about your favourite styles and bands.

My favourite styles are Grind Gore / Swedish Death Metal (ENTOMBED, CARNAGE, etc… not the new ones as IN FLAMES, DARK TRANQUILLITY, etc… I mean the really old and godly Swedish Death!!) / Crust Core / Punk / Heavy Metal…etc… and my favourite bands are CARCASS, CARNAGE, GENERAL SURGERY, EXHUMED, IMPETIGO, DOOM, REGURGITATE, JULIO IGLESIAS, etc…

What is your actual playlist?

EXHUMED – Gore Metal



DEAD INFECTION – Greatest Sh!ts

ABSCESS – EP + all

What do you think of the following tags:

Black Metal: Music – OK; attitude – sh!t. I like IMMORTAL and DARKTHRONE.
Death Metal: Swedish Death is OK. But I am not into Brutal Death or Melodic Death.
Heavy Metal: I love old Heavy Metal!
HardCore? The same as Heavy Metal… I love old HardCore!
Progressive? I do not listen to it.
Thrash Metal? Some things are OK – but not the eighties Thrash revivals!
Doom Metal? I just like a couple of bands.
Grind? I love it and I will love it forever!
Speed? A good drug! Ha, ha… I am joking. I do not listen to it.
Gothic-influenced? F*cking trend! I hate to mix Gothic with Metal. Metal is Metal, not w!mpy sh!t.

What can we expect from the new songs?

Sickness, hate and musical depravation… Trend-killer music.

What is the available merchandising stuff?

We have some different T-shirts, split Eps and Emetic Cult and Grume CDs available… You may order at MORBID RECORDS. There are also posters and some more stuff…

What do you think of today’s Metal/underground scene? Which Belgian bands do you like? Any promising bands in Spain?

The Metal underground scene is OK, but I think it is not stronger as 3 or 4 years ago. Trends are killing the scene. So we must clean the false ones! The most famous and universal Belgian band is AGATHOCLES… you must build a monument for this band! They are a cult-band!! Sorry, if I do not remember any one right now. The Spanish scene has some promising bands like DENAK or FERMENTO. There are a lot of trendhoppers over here.

Do you have other activities?

I did a ‘zine 6 years ago, but I just released 2 issues. We have some side-projects. Our members are involved in GREENFLY, 20 YEARS OLD, HEAVENSHORE and ABRACADAVER.

How would you describe HAEMORRHAGE‘s music?

HAEMORRHAGE‘s music is quite a neckbreaker intent! No slow parts, just blast and fast rhythms every time… pure intensity… it is also pretty catchy… as the SPICE GIRLS or MADONNA… you know what I mean?

What are the plans for the future?

Tour over Europe with AGATHOCLES, NASUM, GROINCHURN and another band!!

Some last thoughts…

Thank you for the interview Gerrit! Please, all fans of true extreme music listen to our new album Anatomical Inferno. If you do not like it, buy a Gothic Metal CD!

Thanks Luisma and HAEMORRHAGE!