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SINISTER – Interview with Alex

Sinister…Their bassist Michel left the band for personal reasons. A replacement was soon found in their good friend Alex (ex-Unexpected/ex-Sadistic). Shortly after, it appeared this was not going to be the last line-up  change for Sinister ; the problems with Mike had demanded its toll and Sinister realized that the relations in the band could never be as they should be in a band. After his departure, Sinister wanted to be sure to get a replacement with a voice at least as brutal as Mike’s. It took a lot of auditions and a long period, but finally their persistence paid off ! Eric (ex-Severe Torture) got the job, screaming like he was born and raised in hell ! Having 4 die-hard Death-Metal freaks jamming together resulted in their –inevitably- fast and brutal fifth studio-album Aggressive measures. So far, reactions of the fans, ‘zines and Nuclear Blast are very good and all point in one direction… ; this is definitely a brutal album. Alex answered our questions…

Can you tell us something more about SINISTER’s latest release?

We recorded it last year in Rotterdam with new singer Eric, myself and of course Aad and Bart. It is a real raging album and we are very proud of it.

How many copies did you sell of it?

Well, we don’t havy any numbers yet, but according to Nuclear Blast and other distributors, sales are going well.

What can you tell us about the lyrics?

Four of them were written by Eric and four by myself. We have no main idea that covers whole the album. I see the writing process as a collection of words that fits within the music. Not the lyric itself is important, but the interaction with the music!

What reactions do you get? What do you think of AGGRESSIVE MEASURES yourself?

So far, the reactions have been good. We are very glad with the album as well, of course.

Tell us about SINISTER’s label NUCLEAR BLAST.

Nuclear Blast is a good label. In the ten years we are with them there haven’t been any problems.

Did you perform across the borders of Holland?

Sinister played almost everywhere in Europe and in the U.S. There is a chance that we play in the U.S. this summer again.

Describe a SINISTER-gig

Murder, Mayhem, Anarchy

How many letters does SINISTER receive a day?

With the new CD more than usual. I think that the average lies within ten in a week.

Which bands are you listening to right now? What song do you want to be played on your funeral?

NASUM, NILE, CRYPTOPSY. On my funeral they will play the Moonlight Sonate from BEETHOVEN.


SLAYER, NILE, DEATH, AT THE GATES, old ENTOMBED, old IRON MAIDEN and many more Death Metal bands.

Your 5 favourite albums?

In no particular order:
SLAYER – Reign in Blood
DEATH – Human
ENTOMBED – Clandestine
DEICIDE – Legion

What can we expect from the new songs?

Fast raging and technical Death Metal.

What is the available merchandising stuff?

T-Shirts, longsleeves, sweaters and jogging pants.

What do you think of today’s Metal/underground scene? Any promising bands in Holland?

It is coming back, which is great. In Holland there are some very good bands like SEVERE TORTURE, OCCULT and CREMATION.

Does any of the SINISTER-members have a side project?

Aad is playing in a side project called HOUWITSER with some ex-Sinister members. They have just released their first album: Death, but not buried. I myself am singing in a band called STONECYPER and Bart plays the guitar in a band called @N@L VOMIT. But these are all side projects. SINISTER is the most important for all of us.

Describe SINISTER’s music?

Fast, brutal and technical.

What are the plans for the future?

To play many gigs in Europe and the U.S. and I hope that we can finish a new album next year.

Some last words to the readers?

Stay brutal. Listen to the latest SINISTER album Aggressive Measures and many more great Death Metal bands. Support the underground and hope to see you in the future.

Thanks Alex and SINISTER!