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INFERNAL LEGION – Interview with Peter

INFERNAL LEGION started in August 1993. Some members used to play in other bands before. The original line-up was : Peter Noens : vocals/guitar , Mario Deceulair :Bass, Jurgen Sterckx : Drums. Two years later a second guitarist joined the band, but due to certain circumstances he and Mario had to leave the band. INFERNAL LEGION always had to face many problems, like losing their rehearsal rooms several times, a couple line-up changes, fights within the band, etc. Though many people and friends believed and supported INFERNAL LEGION, so the band decided to continue their goal of life. In November 1996 Tom De Wit joined the horde. He used to play in a Death Metal band called DAMAGE. In Tom, INFERNAL LEGION found a talented bassist and they started rehearsing in their own rehearsal place. Two months later INFERNAL LEGION recorded their debut demo My Black Beloved. It was recorded in their rehearsal room with a 4-track by a good friend of the band Gust Lemmens. Kris Verwimp did the cover and lay-out. The demo contains 7 melodic songs : Er*tic Sin – Seed of Rebellion – My Black Beloved – The Art of Ritual Suicide – Testimony of the Mad Arab – Infernal Legion and The Invocation of the Ishtar Gate. The lyrics are all about satanism and personal experiences of the members. The music is melodic (Black) Metal with several acoustic and Heavy Metal riffs. The band is inspired by many other bands : ANCIENT RITES, MAYHEM, BATHORY, VENOM, etc., though the band has found its own style. The sound of the demo is pure underground and non-professional, but the response was so good that the first 100 copies were sold out after two weeks. INFERNAL LEGION started to play gigs and doing interviews with ´zines. In February 1997, the band recorded a live demo which contains 5 songs. It was recorded in Tongerlo during a gig with AGATHOCLES. And in May 1997 a fourth member called Karen Herschens joined the band. The current line-up is : Peter Noens : vocals/guitars, Tom De Wit : bass, Karen Herschens : keyboard, Jurgen Sterckx : drums. In February 1998 the band recorded their third demo : Hymns to a Blackend Beauty. This demo contains 5 new songs : …Die and Become – Thy Seal of Blood was Present – A Hymn of a Blackend Beauty – My Pain, A Gift– The Fourth Dream of Creation and an intro/outro. Within a couple of monts, they will release their first MCD, which will contain 2 new songs and an old song (re-recorded). More gigs are planned to spread mayhem and destruction.

Can you tell us something more about your latest release?

Our latest demo is called Hymns to a Blackend Beauty and it contains 5 songs + intro and outro. Kris “Odoric” Verwimp did the cover artwork, like on our first demo.

How many did you sell of it?

The first 100 copies are sold-out, so we pressed a 100 new ones…

Who writes the lyrics?

Jurgen and me. The lyrics I write are mostly about my experiences in life like dealing with hate/anger towards society, depressions, etc.

How do people react?

The reactions from ‘zines/people were really satisfying. Even for our debut demo, which was a real low-budget demo. I am very pleased with Hymns to a Blackend Beauty.

Did some label get in touch with INFERNAL LEGION?

We had some reactions, but we are still waiting for a good deal. Maybe in the future…

With which bands did you go on stage? Are there any gigs you did abroad?


We have plans to play in France with COUNT NOSFERATU, but I do not know when.

Can you describe a live performance of INFERNAL LEGION?

If it is well-organized, the gig will be good, brutal, dark, … But sometimes problems do show up. We try to make the best of it, we regularly end with a cover, sometimes: MAYHEM‘s Deathcrush or ABSU/MORBID DEATH‘s The Coming of War, SAMAEL‘s Into the Pentagram and MARDUK‘s Those of the Unlight.

How many letters does INFERNAL LEGION receive a day?

Difficult to tell, because it depends, sometimes none, sometimes 3.

What are you listening to right now?

I am listening to the tribute CD of the mighty BATHORY, which is one of the best compilations I have ever heard. Pure art!

Which song do you want to be played on your funeral?

Necrolust from the mighty MAYHEM.

Favorite bands/styles?

My favorite band is still MAYHEM. I only listen to Black, some Death Metal, Speed/Thrash like the old KREATOR/SODOM. Too many bands to mention.

What is your ultimate playlist?

1. MAYHEM – De Misteriis Dom Satanas
2. BATHORY – Under the Sign of…
3. DARK THRONE – A Blaze in the Northern Sky
4. MARDUK – Those of the Unlight / Nightwing
5. EMPEROR – Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk

React to the following tags:

Black Metal :

F*cking armageddon!

Death Metal :

Some bands.

Heavy Metal :



Bull sh!t, s*cks big time.

Thrash Metal:


Doom Metal :

Do not listen to it.

Grind Core :

We played several gigs with AGATHOCLES, but we do not really like their music.

Speed Metal :


Gothic influences :


How will INFERNAL LEGION’s music evolve?

The Heavy/Thrash influences will still be there and probably more faster parts. We also have a second guitarist now, so the sound will be more Metal.

What about merchandising?

We have plans to print some T-shirts. But for now only demos and stickers.

What do you think of Belgium’s underground scene?

The underground scene is really important for a band like us. We have a lot of contacts in the underground scene and they have been very helpful.

Some favorite/promising bands in Belgium?

The pride of Flanders: ANCIENT RITES.

Promising bands? ASHMOLEAN, GOTMOOR,…

Any side-activities?

No, I put all my energy in INFERNAL LEGION. I spend most of my time writing letters and new songs and rehearsing a lot. I am unemployed at the moment, because I live for music and I had to choose.


Dark, sinister, hateful and a bit Thrashy.

What can we expect?

Like I said, we are writing new material now, so our new demo will be out around January/February 1999. We have several gigs to play + February 1999 we will be playing on Destruction of the Weak II, which we organize ourselves.

Some last words?

Thanks for the interview, Gerrit. And infernal greetings to all those who supported us so far and to all the bands with whom we played.

Thanks, Peter & INFERNAL LEGION!